The North Country Chronic Disease Prevention Coalition is a network of health care providers, public health agencies, and nonprofits working to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and other chronic diseases across the region. We are building a region-wide system that will have capacity to provide evidence-based prevention and self-management education to at least 2 percent of the estimated eligible patient population in any given year.

To date, the Coalition has established a regional program delivery and referral network that will help providers get their patients quick access to evidence-based programs being offered across the North Country. We developed a plan for data collection and analysis that will help us build the business case for our work.

In 2021, the Coalition grew from Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties to include health provider organizations, area offices for the aging, and other community-based organizations in Hamilton, Washington, Warren, and St. Lawrence counties. This is in addition to several new regional and statewide stakeholders that have taken interest in our work.

The Coalition will continue to grow its referral network and start taking steps to prepare for contracting with health care payers to support continued delivery of these important programs.

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